The Hook

Something big has happened. And it’s scary too!

I finished the second draft of my new story a short while ago and, as I was going down to the SCBWI conference in November anyway, I thought I might as well enter it into The Hook – a Dragon’s Den type event that involves live-pitching your book in front of agents and an audience.

I was chosen! I’m one of the four due to take the stage on 2nd November.

Yahoo and arghh!

Anyone who knows me, knows that public speaking is not my forte, so this is a massive step for me. But self-promotion and events seem to be obligatory for published authors, so if I can do this, then hopefully it will stand me in good stead in the future. That’s the plan anyway.

And you never know – one of the agents might like my book. Fingers crossed. On all counts…


Author: Helen MacKenzie

I’m Helen MacKenzie. I’m an award-winning writer, nearing completion of my Young Adult novel, Hagstone. I'm also a specialist copywriter for legal firms and other businesses.

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